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The Whisky Man.

Eines grosses Dankeschön an Astrid Zysset für ihre sympathische zeitungs Artikle am Mittwoch 19.8 Das war der erstes Mal während der ganzen Interview weder der Kilt, Bagpipes oder Nessie erwähnt würde. Respekt! Wie ihr von der Atikle entnehmen könnte ist der Laden offen allerdings nach Absprach. Per Whatsapp oder Email geht am Besten. Es gibt

The Secret Orkney!

Am no telling ye whit is is, but we have it in Stock! I have to admit, that been inspired by John Laurie in Dads Army. Frazer : Have ye heard the story of the old, empty barn?  

Has anyone out there heard of Thurksy?

I know it sounds like a cross between thurso and thirsk and thirsty but… its the last remants of a fantastic single malt from the swiss equivalent of Fife. Bottled at cask strength its just one of 5 new whiskies in the whisky spycher sortiment. When its gone its gone. (sorry for the germanism.)

Gwonder 2018

I will be at the Speicher Advents Market Gwonder. It takes place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of Novemebr in the Buchensaal in Speicher. Hopefully we’ll see each other before then… www.gwonder.ch